If you are unable to install the software please do as follows:

1.Close any applications using Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

2. In the Control Panel, open Internet Options.

3. Select the General tab and click on Delete Files.

4. Check the box next to Delete all offline content, and click OK to remove any unnecessary files that have been automatically stored in your system from previous Internet use.

5. Delete the original installation file "starpokersetup.exe".

6. Go to www.starpoker.in and download the Starpoker.in Poker software again, using the Save or Save As option when prompted. Once download finishes click RUN when prompted.

7. If you aren’t prompted then go to location where you downloaded the file, double-click the downloaded file to re-install the software."

If you still face problems write to us at support@starpoker.in explaining us your problem and the Operating System that you are downloading on.