Click on the button below and Refer family and friends.

  • Enter the name and email address of the friends you want to refer.
  • Every time a friend registers for a new account, we’ll ship you an email. When they make a minimum INR500 deposit, we’ll ship you another email. And once they’ve played in the requisite amount of real money raked hands, we’ll add INR500 bonus to your account. 

        Refer a Friend Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • Your Friend must not already have an Account or have previously held an Account with Poker under the same name or any other name or alias.
  • Before completing the Refer-a-friend Form and clicking the 'Submit' button, you must ensure that all of the Family and friends whose names and email addresses you are supplying have consented to receive a referral email and are eighteen (18) years of age or over.
  • To receive the Sign up Bonus in their bonus account, your friend must: open a real money Account within the period of 60 days and make the minimum required first deposit of INR500 into their real money Account. Once the Minimum First Deposit has been made, the Sign-Up Bonus will automatically be in effect into your friend's bonus account.
  • The Sign-Up Bonus will only be released into your friend's real money Account once the Release Restrictions have been satisfied. To receive the Referral Fee for referring a Friend, You must have a real money Account (an Account to which real money has previously been deposited) with to which the Referral Fee will be credited. 
  • The Referral Fee will be on hold until Your Friend makes the Minimum Deposit and satisfies the Release Required.
  •  If Your Friend already has an Account with Poker the Refer-a-Friend reference is not valid. 
  • All bonuses INR must be played Poker tables.